Printão is a registered trademark of Resumo Simbólico, Lda with NIF 515532223

We have been professionals in the photography business for over 35 years initially known as Fotografia Pacheco.
We have our own professional laboratory for our photographic services and for Printão printing services.

Most printing services are optimized for small and traditional photo sizes like 10×15 and 15×20.
Printing in large sizes is seen as a complementary and value-added service.
At Printão, on the contrary, we are prepared for large sizes, with professional quality equipment and materials.

We believe that people and companies like and want to print quality photos in large format to decorate their homes, decorate stores, exhibitions, fairs, store windows, showrooms, advertising panels, and other posters, posters and panels for various purposes.

Rua 1 Dezembro n. 43
4580-021 Paredes
Come and visit us, by appointment, from Monday to Friday
from 8:00-12:30 and from 14:30-18:00.

Telephone: +351 255777575
(Call to the National fixed network)
Whatsapp/TLM: +351 913545910
(Call to the National mobile network)


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